Xmas is Coming Postcard

Xmas is Coming Postcard

1.50 EUR
// Exclusive Design by Nerdbeads;
// Product size: 11,5 x 6,8 cm;

» Include an envelope!


This item is handmade by one of the members of Nerdbeads' team using midi beads by Hama Beads.
Every product is made by our pacience and love so if you care about they as we do, they can last forever!

Each product is placed in a packaging envelope with bubble wrap, so they should arrive to you safely!
The shipping process can take 1 or 2 weeks long - it depends in which country you want to receive the order - for those rare instances, in which it might take longer, we apologize for the incovenience and thank you for your understanding and pacience in advance!

// EXTRAS //
Each product is unique, due to they handmade nature, so that means they won't come out the same as the item in the photo but we'll try to keep it as close as possible!

If you have any questions you can e-mail us:! We'll answer as soon as we can.

Thanks for watching,
Cath & Bruno (Team Nerdbeads)


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